"I am writing to you because I am a workaholic. I do love what I do, but I work from the moment my eyes open to just before I fall asleep. My work is online, and I just can’t seem to unplug. Are there any tips or advice you can offer me on how to create some sparkling habits around my work and downtime?"
Today, I want to invite you to consider a thought-provoking question: 'Are You Learning From Nature?'. What do I mean by that? Have you heard of the Golden Ratio? It is an incredible number that shows up time and again throughout nature as an example of how perfect harmony - also known as beauty - in nature occurs when things are in balance.
I think one of the biggest gifts you can give yourself is to live at your own pace - slowing down when needed and accelerating when you're ready. But what happens when the world's pace, which is constantly driven by technological advances, collides with your own rhythm? At times, societal expectations might force you to suppress your intuitive guidance.
What is the single most important Organ in your body? I believe it’s the Fascia. Why? Well, first, I have an interesting thought experiment for you. If someone asked you, ‘Where are YOU, in your body?’ what would you say?
Today’s blog is all about body awareness. Often, when we talk about body awareness, it's about what's on the surface – your muscles and your senses. But today, I want to explore another layer of body awareness: how even your internal organs have their unique language, speaking to you in more ways than just the occasional belly rumble!
As new relationships form, or older relationships change with time, it’s important to regularly check-in to make sure you have healthy boundaries. This Relationship Check-Up can help you to stand strong knowing your boundaries are serving you.
Ever feel like you're a human pretzel, bending over backwards to meet everyone's needs but your own? Today, we are addressing a cornerstone of healthy relationships – boundaries.
The constant pursuit of perfection can cast a shadow over your mental wellbeing. Instead of being a spectator in your own life as you await the elusive "perfect moment", remember the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.
What does it mean to be Human? How do you connect with your humanity? In a world increasingly reliant on technology, in particular artificial intelligence, how can you excel while maintaining your authenticity?
Today you and I are going to explore Navigating the Overwhelm of Social Media and the impact that can have on your wellbeing … the social scroll can, after all, be a noisy place, with videos vying for your attention left and right!