If you have any questions about our products or services, or, you just want to send inspired, happy glowing gratitude notes (we LOVE those!) please send them to hello@savannahalalia.com

We’ll get back to you as promptly as possible.

If you are wanting to send love gift or asked us to promote a products – this is a heads up.

Promoting a Product

Just from the amount of products that are shown to us, it wouldn’t be possible to promote everything we are asked to. Most importantly we can also only ethically promote products and services that we personally use, or that we personally have experience of using and know the quality of.

Now your stuff maybe great, it may just be that we have no experience of it, or it doesn’t resonate with us.

So unless we already use what it is you’re offering or you know the team personally, the answer is likely going to be a polite, “No, Thank you”.

Love Gift

Here at SavannahAlalia.com we believe the most important thing in this world is connect to yourself and to each other. As a company we are ‘light on the earth’ in terms of possessions – literally Savannah has lived out of 2 suitcases for years. So we do not accept physical gifts.

So if you feel you’d like to share your appreciation the best way is a note you which can be sent to hello at savannahalalia dot com or hand written cards of how you feel to the below address (we read every one).

Or, if you feel moved to or inspired to, we invite you to offer your gratitude to a charity we love and support

Each are worthy and cherished connection in this world. After all, we are all in this world together 😀

From the heart,
Team Alalia

P.S. Its important to us that you are happy and if you feel we may have missed your message, please write to us – hello@savannahalalia.com.

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