Savannah & her work sound too good to be true, but she is for real!!
Savannah is a beautiful lady with wisdom beyond her years, she has worked with me on overcoming cancer and guided me towards seeing life from a completely different perspective. A compassionate, caring person with many gifts – I am so grateful to have her in my life!
British Flower Grower & Artisan Florist
Meeting with Savannah has been totally inspiring and delightful. She works with amazing knowledge, encouragement and kindness. Her care and empathy continue to guide me with my life and health goals.
Spa Consultant
Savannah is beautiful in every way. She brings extraordinary wisdom and love to her work, which is immensely inspiring. Her authenticity is contagious and her insight is transformational.
Savannah teaches by example, inspiring her clients to create a life with meaning and a sense of purpose. She encourages individuality through unique processes. Savannah’s true talent is the ability to guide you to empower yourself. Savannah has assisted me in turning corners I never thought possible.
Ayurvedic Consultant
Working with Savannah affects a transformation in your life. The first time I worked with Savannah, in 2006, I was at breaking point. Within the first hour I had a renewed sense of life and purpose. I have been working with Savannah ever since and it remains my number one pleasure.
As a yoga instructor my health, fitness and peace of mind are of paramount importance to me personally & professionally. Through Savannah’s advice and support in I have overcome physical and mental obstacles and I feel more fully alive! I am always delighted by the effectiveness of applying Savannah’s ideas and integrate them into my regular life.
Yoga Teacher
Working with Savannah is like a breath of fresh air.
Savannah is inspiring, sensitive, and everyone needs her work in their life! You will know that the moment she enters your life. She connects with you on all levels physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually in a very down to earth way.
Before working with Savannah I had a number of false beliefs about life. Problems are “the way things are”. Now FALSE Food “if it tastes bad it is probably good for you,” Now FALSE. Thank you Savannah for your enthusiasm to share sparkling habits.
Freelance Filmmaker
Savannah and her work are a breath of fresh air. She empowers you to makes sense of things that have been confusing and senseless for years. Working with Savannah has given me the guts to help myself.
Working with Savannah has affected me in amazing ways. I immediately felt lighter and more present in my body. Thank you, Savannah, for your sparkle and enthusiasm and also for your very solid knowledge of what makes me connect better with my body and your support in achieving my dreams with it.
When I met Savannah I instantly felt like I was in the ‘right’ hands. I was struck by her warmth and genuine desire to help me.
For someone so young, she has been immersed in the natural health world for years – and she really knows her stuff.
Lots of people in the natural health world don’t tend to walk their talk behind closed doors, but I know for a fact Savannah does.
She focuses on what the next step is, whilst she listens to where you are at and gives helpful advice without being too forceful.
Savannah has ‘applied knowledge’ that can helps anyone improve their health and life! I very much trust the things she suggests. Basically for anyone that needed help with cleansing and with personal development- you’re in the right place
Author & Writer
As soon as I saw Savannah I felt like I was in the presence of someone very special but I had no idea why I thought this, it was a strange and new experience for me.
From the moment we met my health and general wellbeing has improved so much and I am eternally grateful to Savannah. She has helped me & my family too and we are all better for knowing her. Her knowledge of the human body is incredible and this along with her insight into people makes for a formidable talent. I am still on my journey and try every day to live my life with compassion, love, curiousity and humility as Savannah does, she says I have inspired her but nobody has inspired me more than she has.
I came to Savannah in February 2010 feeling overweight, depressed and sluggish following the birth of my daughter.
Through Savannah’s knowledge and advice with cleansing and lifestyle choices, in addition to massage and reiki sessions, within a few months I lost nearly 2 stone and dropped 2 clothes sizes!
My sparkle* had returned and I had renewed energy levels for the first time since Bliss was born. I wholeheartedly recommend anyone who wishes to fulfill their potential to work with Savannah.
Without exaggeration I can truly say Savannah has made a tremendous difference to my life! Savannah is a compassionate, genuine person who helped me find the courage to open up, understand and move forward in my llife after some very dramatic circumstances. While Savannah is charismatic and inspiring, you feel like she is listening to your soul and can understand you and support you to define the big picture of your goals. Since I started meeting with Savannah she has challenged me to set myself a series of emotional, physical and mental goals and has supported me and inspired self-belief to help me actually achieve them. I am really excited about working with Savannah in the future to continue to achieve my goal by uncovering my potential and utilising it.
PR Professional
During the last 4 years Savannah has offered advice on a range of health related matters to improve my resilience at work. I am a Director of HR working within a primary care trust which has experience continuous change for the last five years. As a consequence of my work I am working with high levels of stress, I work long hours and have a significant commute to work. Savannah has taught me how to be in tune with my body and to be more responsive to what it needs.
She has carried out research from across the world and provides a fresh and new perspective on staying healthy.
As a consequence of knowing Savannah, I am confident about what to do when under pressure and have learnt tools, techniques and gained knowledge that equip me to deal with the most difficult times, which means I am more effective at work.
Savannah understands the root cause. At our first meeting in 2007 I was suffering with all-over stiffness such that even turning my head left or right caused pain. I thought a solution might be massage (treat the symptom). She knew it was diet and detox (deal with the root cause). Are you serious, I thought, can some delicious bread with cheese really cause all this pain? Anyway, suffice it to say that I tried what she suggeseted, and it did. Within 3 weeks of following her suggestions the pain was easing and I have loved worked with her ever since. Savannah is a high level listener who makes connections that very few people do.