Bath, UK

Savannah teaches by example, inspiring her clients to create a life with meaning and a sense of purpose. She encourages individuality through unique processes. Savannah’s true talent is the ability to guide you to empower yourself. Savannah has assisted me in turning corners I never thought possible.

Debbie O Shea
Bristol, UK

Meeting with Savannah has been totally inspiring and delightful. She works with amazing knowledge, encouragement and kindness. Her care and empathy continue to guide me with my life and health goals.

Timothy Freke
The Jesus Mysteries, Lucid Living, How Long is Now?
Glastonbury, UK

‘Savannah is beautiful in every way. She brings extraordinary wisdom and love to her work, which is immensely inspiring. Her authenticity is contagious and her insight is transformational.’

Carey Ann Ravden
Marbella, Spain

I can only give the highest recommendation for Savannah and her work. It effects a transformation in your life. The first time I worked Savannah, in 2006, I was at breaking point with so much stress. Within the first hour I had a renewed sense of life and purpose. I have been working with Savannah ever since and it remains my number one pleasure.

Jill Edmunds

Savannah is INSPIRING, SENSITIVE, and everyone needs her in their life! And you will know that the moment she enters your life.
She connects with you on all levels physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually in a very down to earth way.

I am so grateful she is part of my life, and I am excited that the world will now have access to all her knowledge, guidance and inspiration.

Josh Randall

Before working with Savannah I had a number of false beliefs about life.
Problems are “the way things are”. Now FALSE
Food “if it tastes bad it is probably good for you,” Now FALSE.
I now juice everyday and make my own raw chocolate and feel a lot healthier!
I also now enjoy the challenge of tackling difficult situation with my clients or motivating myself.
Thank you Savannah for your enthusiasm to share sparkling habits.

Toria Britten
Somerset, UK

She sounds too good to be true, but she is for real!!
I feel honoured Savannah is in my life, she is a beautiful young lady with wisdom beyond her years, who has worked with me through my health/life challenges. Her commitment to exploring new ideas and treatments is amazing.

Janine Paddington
Glastonbury, UK

As a yoga instructor my health, fitness and peace of mind are of paramount importance to me personally & professionally. Through Savannah’s advice and support in nutrition, cleansing and bodywork I have overcome physical and mental obstacles and I feel more fully alive!

I am always delighted by the effectiveness of applying Savannah’s ideas and integrate them into my regular life. Her intuitive understanding and deep knowledge combine beautifully in the ways that she helps people.

Wells, UK

‘Savannah and her work are a breath of fresh air’

I have known Savannah for about 6 months. I clean her windows. I am an ex soldier, prison officer and care worker. I spent the last 20 years after leaving the army taking one step forward and two steps back. Eventually found out 16 months ago I have ADHD.
I’ve been treated for depression on and off for the last 15 years. Meeting Savannah has been one of life’s special moments &, by the grace of whatever, has given me an opportunity to learn about myself.

Savannah manages to give you comfort in her understanding, acceptance of the issues and thoughts you have. But she goes far beyond this and gives practical and amazingly simple ways to help you move in a positive direction. She has her hands full with me 🙂 I am very glad I have met Savannah, she is a very special and caring person. She empowers you and makes sense of things that have been confusing and senseless for many years. Savannah has given me more in a few conversations than doctors, family and friends have in my entire life. I just have to have the guts to help myself.

Glastonbury, UK

Savannah has inspired me to take much more care of my body/mind. I have enjoyed  doing the Habits Academy Programs (eg Colon Cleanses) and most importantly in understanding and applying the principles in HumanFood101.

As a result, I have definitely seen a great improvement in my overall health and well being and definitely recommend working with her. The importance of being systematic in one’s approach to health is a crucial part of what Savannah does. She is in fact a whole system – systems analyst! Without doubt Savannah is one of the most unique of health practitioners I have had the great good fortune to meet…

Magdalene Tamara Callea

Working with Savannah has affected my body shape in amazing ways.

She suggested foods and ways of taking in nutrition which are most supportive to my body. Additionally, she suggested movements to enhance my body’s health and strengthen its in parts in accordance with what I needed at the time and I immediately felt lighter and more present in my body. Thank you, Savannah, for your sparkle and enthusiasm and also for your very solid knowledge of what makes me connect better with my body and your support in achieving my dreams with it.

Anna Victoria Rodgers AKA Missecoglam
Author, Writer for Collective-Evolution.com and Missecoglam.com
Forest Row, East Sussex UK

I met Savannah at a Boutique Hotel in Somerset where she was working as a masseuse.
After working with her, I instantly felt like I was in the ‘right’ hands. Apart from her amazing massage, Savannah really knew what was wrong with me and I felt very relieved to have someone take my adrenal fatigue so seriously. I was struck by her warmth and genuine desire to help me.

Due to her professional and friendly manner, we have kept in touch over the years.
For someone so young, she has been immersed in the natural health world for years – and she really knows her stuff.
Lots of people in the natural health world don’t tend to walk their talk behind closed doors, but I know for a fact Savannah does. She’s so passionate about helping people be the best they can be and is always so accepting of people.
She focuses on what the next step is, whilst she listens to where you are at and gives helpful advice without being too forceful.

She is an inspirational person and if I could say one person whom I look up to – or would want to be like – it’s Savannah! She is a shining light in this world and I hope more people find out about her.  I feel very blessed to have chosen the hotel we stayed at all those years ago where Savannah was working.  My life has been enriched in my ways due to her friendship and concern for my health and well-being.
Savannah has ‘applied knowledge’ that she shares through Habits Academy, that can helps anyone improve their health and life! I very much trust the things she suggests.
Basically for anyone that needed help with cleansing and with personal development- you’re in the right place.


Hertfordshire, UK

I have known Savannah for around 9 years now. I was fortunate enough to be introduced by a mutual friend who knew it would benefit me to have one of her legendary massage treatments. I had recently become a mother so was feeling out of sorts to say the least!
As soon as I saw Savannah I felt like I was in the presence of someone very special but I had no idea why I thought this, it was a strange and new experience for me. We started the treatment and chatted a lot before and after it. I really felt as is she was totally there for me and genuinely interested and concerned about my wellbeing.
Our journey as therapist and client started at that moment. From that time I have received many a treatment from Savannah and have completed three full cleanses as well. It is never just about getting the job done with Savannah she is always totally doing it with you too.
I always feel safe, nurtured and guided throughout the experience and for anyone reading this who has done a cleanse – you know how important it is to be guided by someone who has the experience and walks the talk.
From the moment we met my health and general wellbeing has improved so much and I am eternally grateful to Savannah. She has helped me & my family too and we are all better for knowing her. Her knowledge of the human body is incredible and this along with her insight into people makes for a formidable talent.
I am still on my journey and try every day to live my life with compassion, love, curiousity and humility as Savannah does, she says I have inspired her but nobody has inspired me more than she has.
It is a beautiful thing to want to help people be their best selves and it takes a special human being to take people on that journey – so be warned once you start it is hard to stop. I for one am glad I did ! xxxx

Alanah Faith Larielle
Somerset, UK

I came to Savannah in February 2010 feeling overweight, depressed and sluggish following the birth of my daughter. Through Savannah’s knowledge and advice with cleansing and lifestyle choices, in addition to massage and reiki sessions, within a few months I lost nearly 2 stone and dropped 2 clothes sizes! My sparkle* had returned and I had renewed energy levels for the first time since Bliss was born. This photo was taken on my daughter’s first birthday at the end of May 2010. I am eternally grateful for the support I received from Savannah. Her gentle empathy yet strong determination helped me to shift my eating patterns, cleanse my system and get more active in order to achieve the results I desired. I wholeheartedly recommend anyone who wishes to fulfill their potential to work with Savannah.

Kate Ward

Without exaggeration I can truly say Savannah has made a tremendous difference to my life!

A good friend of mine recommended I meet with Savannah after a series of events dramatically changed my life. (To read my story click here)

Savannah is a compassionate, genuine person who helped me find the courage to open up,  understand and move forward  in my llife after some very dramatic circumstances.
Whie Savannah is charismatic and inspiring, you feel like she is listening to your soul and can understand you and support you to define the big picture of your goals.

She then breaks down the steps needed to achieve these goals and gives you practical and insightful advice on how to take that all important first step towards your goals.
Since I started meeting with Savannah she has challenged me to set myself a series of emotional, physical and mental goals and has supported me and inspired self-belief to help me actually achieve them. I am really excited about working with Savannah in the future to continue to achieve my goal by uncovering my potential and utilising it.

Madeline Milines

During the last 4 years Savannah has offered advice on a range of health related matters to improve my resilience at work. I am a Director of HR working within a primary care trust which has experience continuous change for the last five years. As a consequence of my work I am working with high levels of stress, I work long hours and have a significant commute to work.
Savannah has taught me how to be in tune with my body and to be more responsive to what it needs. She offers a holistic approach and considers all aspects of your life when giving advice. She has carried out research from across the world and provides a fresh and new perspective on staying healthy. As a consequence of knowing Savannah, I am confident about what to do when under pressure and have learnt tools, techniques and gained knowledge that equip me to deal with the most difficult times, which means I am more effective at work. I also feel healthy and fit, and confident enough to tackle significant physical challenges such as the London to Southend bike ride (56 miles) at the age of 53. I thoroughly recommend her.


I first met Savannah as a massage therapist, one of the only two that have ever made me feel as though I had experienced a healing change as a result of the treatment. Over the next few years I also re took my Reiki 1 and took my Reiki 2 as I went deeper into my health and spiritual journey.
She is nurturing and supportive to me in accessing my inner path and continued growth. I have come to her several times when I had hit either an emotional or physical wall that I experienced as debilitating, (these instances have varied from depression after a crushed foot injury, hip and lower back pain and recently, general exhaustion). What I appreciate is her holistic approach, finding with me the symbolic meaning in my experiences and the ways in which I can learn and grow through them.
She is an extraordinarily open hearted person with a wonderful sense of curiosity and compassion. She has a deep commitment to her work and the people she works with. She is highly professional, but she also has the humility to continue learning herself, an essential ingredient in my mind to any healer.
Though she is younger than I am I have without doubt benefited from her thoughts and insights, I trust and value her presence in my life. I mostly choose to go now for top up Reiki sessions. The energy she channels makes me feel as though I am being connected up to a great big super battery and each session helps me to rebalance, open and connect in a deeper way to my own purpose. I also practice Reiki daily, but the sessions I have with her augment this.
I look on my development as an ongoing project. I should like to say that I have found myself and that I am achieving great things, but actually I am still very much in process. I hold my goals with intention but with open hands. I am at once an artist, a poet, a teacher, a friend, a mother and a wife but I am also so much more! I would not hesitate to recommend Savannah, (I have already recommended her verbally to many of my friends and family.) Enjoy the adventure!

Hampton Hill, UK

I first met Savannah whilst doing a cleansing and yoga retreat and her appearance was like a breath of fresh air which seems to be part of her aura. Savannah has a positive approach to good health and I value the encouragement she gives me towards my not so young body.

London , UK

Savannah is extremely gifted. Her understanding of the mind/body/spirit trinity and her strong intuition allows her to delve deeper than most. Once she starts working, she appears to be guided to where energy may be trapped or stored – and in doing so, she ends up treating the real physical ailments that blocked energy can create over time. She works according to the body clock of the person she is working with to the level that the client is able to handle. Due to a bad back, I have worked with many different types of professionals – and I can honestly say, hand on heart, that Savannah is one of the very gifted few who just ‘knows’ how to access and release the underlying causes. Often times, my herniated discs would create problems in the shoulder or neck. And whereas most will focus on where the symptoms show up, Savannah invariably managed to trace the root area as well. The results are always phenomenal.


As I recall I was sent to Savannah by an alternative therapist for massage, highly recommended at the time. I was in a funny place, mid divorce, very tense and stressed and looking for anything to unwind the muscles etc. What I found was not a simple effective massage but more a way of life, a complete treatment for the soul as much as a physical work out, the combination of effective, intelligent therapy for the mind and well being for the soul, this lasted for a couple of years and was the most immense help,and continues as a routine for a number of years after the crisis. I remember the first treatment was in a way surreal, in the process of addressing my shoulders Savannah found physical proof of my situation and verbalized this in such a way that revealed a fact that she couldn’t have known from anything I had said, we had only just met, so I was convinced.

Anna Howie_1
photography@annahowie.com    www.annahowie.com
(The AMAZING Lady who took the pictures for this website ;))  Somerset, UK

Savannah understands root cause. At our first meeting in 2007 I was suffering with all-over stiffness such that even turning my head left or right caused pain. I thought a solution might be massage (treat the symptom). She knew it was diet and detox (deal with the root cause).  Are you serious, I thought, can some delicious bread with cheese really cause all this pain? Anyway, suffice it to say that she was, and it did. Within 3 weeks of following her suggestions the pain was easing and I have loved worked with her ever since. Savannah is a high level listener who makes connections that very few people do.