Before you make any choices, have you ever noticed how when you meditate the answer to your question becomes clearer? Is there a reason for that?
Todays blog was recorded before lockdown but it could not be better timed as a moment to self reflect and choose what might be the next phase of your life.
May you live in interesting times. – Chinese proverb
In today’s blog, find out about what your thoughts are contributing towards your life, and how you can change those thoughts.
If you are a regular here, you know about tapping into your inner knowing (that’s the wise stuff that’s in you), but did you ever think about the idea that you are having a conversation with a ‘living consciousness,’ with something that you are already a part of?
It is easy to get into a spin of trying to work faster and get things done, but what if you could create quality time in your day, especially in the midst of all the busyness?
If you are on my mailing list, you will know I have been sharing lots about the program I run annually called Ladies Lifting Ladies. Recently, I had a question come from a lady in the corporate world wanting to know more about feminine power in her work place. That is what we are discussing in today’s blog!
Today I am chatting with you about Time — specifically, the different types of time and how to make the most of each of them.
It’s another day to choose how you shape the rest of your life.
Talking about the tough stuff is, well, tough. When someone you love dies, there is so much emotion that comes up — so many different thoughts.