There is something that catches your attention when you see someone walking toward you with a metal leg. It’s an unspoken tale of challenge and woe. And, instantly, you think, ‘How did that happen?’


On today’s episode of SavannahAlaliaTV, there is someone that I want you to know. His name is Jack Eyers. He has one metal leg. But, unlike many other amputees, it was not an accident that led him to amputate, but his choice.

I’ve known Jack for about ten years. He is a remarkable young man. What he lacks in a limb, he makes up for in heart and determination.


But, just ten years ago, he was depressed, using drugs, and felt hopeless. Since then, he has gone on to represent Team GB, head up a Stripe for Scope Campaign, which raised millions, and has walked the catwalk at New York Fashion week for Lady Gaga’s designer.


In this SavannahAlaliaTV episode, Jack reveals:


Why he chose to have his leg amputated.

How he has overcome immense personal challenges, including drug addiction and depression, to live his dreams.

What daily sparkling* habits he uses to keep himself on track to achieve more of his goals and dreams.

HINT: these are things everyone can do – even with two legs.

And, his top suggestion for creating great things in your life.



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