It’s been a while. A very busy while for you, too, I think. 2015 feels like a hive of new projects and new life to old projects.

And speaking of new life, I hope you like the new look for SavannahAlalia.com – check it out and let us know your feedback. Our goal is to make it user friendly and full of valuable content to nurture your sparkle* and unique genius.

Team Alalia have been working our Sparkling* Geni-Ass’es off to get it up and running, and we are still tweaking, so if you spot something funky, feel free to let us know and we will get polishing – it’s all about ‘progress over perfection,’ as my good friend Jeff Hooks always reminds me. And thank goodness for that!!

On to today’s episode of Savannah Alalia TV, we have a special guest interview … but first, I want to share how I first heard about our guest.

When I was 16 years old, I was at a turning point in my life. I’d spent the last three years ice skating competitively – in hours of the day that my dad referred to as ‘getting up at sparrows f*rt’ – an interesting thought, but swiftly moving on …

Like any self-disrespecting teenager of the time, having spent about 40 hours a week exercising, I decided to take up a new hobby, and I’m unsure I really thought this one through. My new hobby was smoking, a bit of a change of direction. And as I do nothing by halves, I took up smoking 40 cigarettes a day.

In reality, and I imagine like most teenagers, I was at a stage in my life where I felt like I was drowning, unsure of which direction to take. What felt right or wrong, which way was up or down … I felt bound half to childhood and half to adulthood, and yet, with no real sense of being in either properly.

And it was then I came across a book called Freedom From The Ties That Bind by Guy Finley. Reading the book was transformative for me at the time, and it started me on an incredible path of self-discovery.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago, and you can imagine my excitement when I had the opportunity to interview Guy Finley for SavannahAlalia TV about his latest book and join 200 World Leading Authors and Experts to share the launch TODAY March 12th 2015 simultaneously in 142 countries – right now!


So, here is the interview!

Since my teenage smoking days, little old me has travelled the world, no longer puffing, met many incredible people from all walks of life and nudged thousands of others to explore their own path of self-discovery.

Today, I get referred to as an ‘expert’ – but to be honest, I’m still figuring ‘it’ all out. I now call ‘it’ ‘life’ and I do my best to sparkle* with what I have, wherever I am, and enjoy the journey and hopefully inspire others to do the same. Regardless, I feel blessed to share it with you here.

I’d love to hear from you now.

Please share in the comments below – what set you off on your path of inner discovery? What was a pivotal moment for you? And what do you do daily to stay connected to that part of yourself – your immortal part?

Remember, now is your time to shine. Let’s go illuminate this world together!


Much love,


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