Its been a while. A very busy while for you too I think. 2015 feels like a hive of new projects and new life to old projects.
This last year has blown my mind….travelling the world learning from some of the greats in person as well as speaking at my first US conference then spending the Summer months in Spain and going into the autumn launching Meditate Your Mind and selling out and needing a waiting list. This whole year has been a humbling and amazing experience and I’d like to Thank you all of you who joined me on the maiden voyage of MYM, everyone of you who sent me an emails, who were there at each step of this year and those of you cheering me on….Wow – I have loved sharing every second with you !!
Following his TED talk, I wanted to take you deeper into the wonderfilled world of Yaron Engler and what is is to express yourself….
“For better or for worse, you must play your own little instrument in the orchestra of life.”— Dale Carnegie
Its November 1st – that means its All Souls Day today 🙂
Have you ever been a headless chicken, rushing like crazy to get ready but just really chasing your tail and forgetting things and getting nowhere or have you moved into the head space of “I’m waiting for when….” the sky turns green or I’m a size 0 again….or whatever it is.