When life's pains push you to the limit, you may retreat into a state of emotional flatlining as a temporary refuge. But what does this mean for your long-term wellbeing? Discover how to break the cycle of numbness and reconnect with your authentic self.
Experience the transformative effects of empathy and genuine understanding in your interactions. Learn to steer clear of criticism, using instead, constructive feedback to foster healthier and more engaging conversations.
Explore the intricacies of your natural reactions to criticism, its connection to your self-worth, and learn a transformational process, the 3 R's - Reflect, Reframe, Reveal, to convert criticism into a path for personal growth. Embrace criticism, and unlock the magic of authentic living.
I have a personal question to ask you: What makes you feel safe? Is it living in a safe neighbourhood, in a peaceful country? A friend you know you tell anything to and who will simply witness you? A partner who has your back in any situation? Perhaps it’s the money in your bank account and knowing that you’re able to pay for the roof over your head and food in your belly?
The Language of Pain - strange topic, right? Or is it … why would you want to learn about the language of pain? I’m usually talking about pleasure ….
Today's blog guides you through transforming 'Shoulda-Woulda-Coulda' regrets into resilience. Delve into life's rich tapestry of experiences and discover how to honour your unique journey. It's about turning unexpected curves into valuable wisdom while celebrating the ever-evolving narrative of your life.
Two roads diverged in a yellow wood … the enchanting scenario created in the beautiful poem by Robert Frost - ‘The Road Not Taken’ serves as a metaphor which encourages us to take the path less travelled in life.Taking the path less travelled is a brave and bold move that, as the poet tells you, can “Make all the difference”. But how do you know which path to take in life; which of your senses are guiding you like Robert Frost in that yellow wood. It’s moments like this that, I think, take you beyond the physical senses and into the realm of Intuition. 
For anyone new here, intuition is kind of my thing. As a bona fide intuition aficionado, I’ve been working on the connection with my own inner compass and aiding others in forging connections with theirs for decades. But for some people, understanding intuition is a relatively new concept. 
Do you remember show and tell when you were a kid at school? You know, when everyone would bring an item in, and then you’d stand in front of the class and talk about the thing you brought in (the ‘tell’ bit), and then you’d pass the thing around so everyone got a look (the ‘show’ part)? I always enjoyed the showing more than the telling. It’s all well and good to have something explained to you, but I always preferred to see the thing for myself.
Literacy, as in the ability to read and write, is taught to most of us from a young age, but how many of you are aware of your emotional literacy? This has nothing to do with knowing your ABCs and everything to do with knowing your ‘how I feels’. (That worked in my head.)