Hello everyone. I’m Savannah Alalia and welcome to the latest episode of High Functioning Human podcast, where you, as always, get to connect to the high functioning human that’s in you. 

Today, I’ve got something special for you. We are talking about life’s journey, but we’re going to talk about it with a little bit of a twist. Have you ever stressed, that’s a silly question. Of course you have. I have as well. But have you ever stressed wondering, am I taking too long to get where I want to be? If that sounds like you, then you are in the right place today and I suggest you keep listening.

Let’s chat about why sometimes being a butterfly is better than being a crow. Do you ever worry that you’re taking too long to get from point A to point B? I hear this concern a lot because we live in a really fast paced world and this kind of pressure to rush to tick off boxes is something that we are all dealing with all of the time and it can be tough. I’d like to encourage you at this point to slow down and give things the time that they really deserve.

In that vein, the other day I was driving to a place that was supposed to be close as the crow flies, as it were. Now think about that a second. Crows travel from point A to point B through the sky, and they are untethered by human constraints like roads and hedges. Lucky crows, right? If only we could travel that way. But my journey was full of unexpected turns. Initially, I was frustrated. I thought, why is this taking so long? But then I noticed as I was driving along these roads and by these hedges that there was some incredible beauty around me.

The scenic route actually turned out to be much more of a gift than I realised, and it made me think life is too special to be spent rushing. It’s about enjoying the journey, where you are, where you find yourself in that moment, and taking the time to enjoy the surroundings more than just flowers and scenery. Someone recently asked me, how can you start to embrace a more intuitive path in life? I really love this question. It’s great. Being intuitive is like being a butterfly.

So rather than flying straight to the flower, you flutter around, you explore. If something catches your eye, you check it out. That’s how we should be approaching life. Instead of trying to be crows and flying directly to a destination, I want to invite us to think about being more like a butterfly, appreciating the twists, appreciating the turns, and appreciating what we encounter as we go along.

So here’s one thing that works well on this theme of taking time to appreciate the journey. I’ve got a fun way for you to bring in a little bit more butterflies to your life. It’s my [WRK] kit, which is a three day journey designed to help you reset using your weekend. [WRK] is a snapshot of my larger program, your intuitive life, and it’s about connecting with your well being and tuning into your intuition.Think of it as your personal guide to support you, to slow down, listen to your inner voice and embrace the beauty of your journey. To wrap up, I want you to remember that your journey is unique. It is about more than just reaching the end, it’s about the experiences that you have along the way and the lessons that you learn as you go. Trust your instinct and enjoy the scenic route in your life and all the butterflies.

So if you’re looking to deepen your experience, then do check out [WRK], the Weekend Retreat Kit. It’s your first step to a more intuitive and fulfilling journey. Drop a comment below if you have any questions. Remember, trust your instincts and follow your intuitions because the world needs your voice and the magic that it brings to us all.

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