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Hello, everyone, and welcome to the latest episode of High Functioning Human Podcast, where you connect to yourself as a high-functioning human. 

This episode is a follow on from my recent blog on nurturing dreams, ‘Would You Put a Baby on a Tightrope?’. Today I want to expand on how to harness emotional trimness and use your dreams to shape your life. 

This approach is about more than just daydreaming, it’s about using your emotional energy to mould your life into the vision you desire.

First, the obvious question, ‘What does it mean to be emotionally trim?’ Being emotionally trim is about having a streamlined emotional state. Instead of letting your emotional energy scatter in every direction, you’re directing it purposefully. Just like a scuba diver aims to be physically trim to move gracefully underwater, being emotionally trim involves managing your emotions so they propel you forward towards your goals, rather than holding you back. Or getting distracted by ‘spending your emotions’ unwisely. 

How can you improve your emotional trimness? A powerful technique to become aware of your emotional happenings is visualisation. Try this exercise: Close your eyes and envision your emotions as streams of coloured light flowing within you. Each colour represents a different emotion or aspect of your life. Visualise these streams converging into a focused beam of light, directing towards a clear image of your goal. Feel the energy as it aligns with your aspirations. This practice helps you channel emotional energy towards manifesting your dreams.So ‘How can transforming stored emotions into dynamic energy fuel your dreams?’ Your emotions are like a reservoir of power. By harnessing this energy, much like steam propels a locomotive, you can channel it into actionable steps that drive you towards your goals. As an actionable step, incorporate journaling into your daily routine. I LOVE journaling. Take the time to reflect on your day, noting down your emotional responses and their triggers. Assess how these emotions either align with or diverge from your goals. This practice of introspection helps you understand and streamline your emotional responses, aligning them with your path to success.

To wrap up, emotional trimness and focused daydreaming are key to living a purposeful life. Your dreams are attainable when you effectively channel your emotional energy. Trust your instincts, follow your intuition. If you want to delve deeper into these concepts or have any questions, I encourage you to comment below. I’d love to hear your thoughts and continue this conversation.

As always, I remain a cheerleader for your inner self-worth,

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