Did you make any resolutions this year? For most people, making New Year’s Resolutions comes with all the best of intentions. They can, however, often fall by the wayside, but why is that? Today, I want to talk about ways to give yourself more of a chance to achieve your aims in life, whatever they may be. 

In my recent blog, What is the Single Most Important Organ in Your Body?’ I spoke about the idea of lifeforce, essence, or Chi, and how, by being open throughout your fascia and all your other systems, this energy can move freely, allowing you to connect to your intuition. 

In order to progress towards your goals, you need a good store of that Chi energy. You might feel like an energizer bunny who can go forever, but you are only (amazingly!) human and just as capable of burnout as anyone else.

I believe you generate the most Chi when your systems are in harmony with each other. You can make progress towards this balance through a combination of fascia release, detox, and mental fitness practices. 

When you find this balance, it’s like being in the centre of a storm. It’s really, really quiet and very still. There is no feeling of ‘lacking’ or need to make changes because everything is moving perfectly all around you. There’s a stillness that comes when you arrive in that place. And when you’re in that place then you just know which way to go.

Even when your Chi is fully charged, when you first have the spark of an idea, it is really important to spend time with the idea before sharing it. When you show your dream to the world, you’re basically throwing a newborn idea out on its own. Newborn ideas are similar to newborn humans – they need a bit of nurturing before they can fend for themselves! Ask yourself, would you put a baby on a tightrope?

Think about it: have you ever had a grand plan and immediately announced it to your friends? “I’ll get fit by the summer!” or, “I’m gonna write a novel!” You can feel a rush just sharing these dreams in the initial stages, but sometimes, that takes the wind out of your sails when it comes to making them happen.

A tricky thing about the human brain is it is a guzzler for the feel-good chemical dopamine, and the ‘same’ thing rarely gives as good a ‘hit’ the second time round.

Yes, you get dopamine when you achieve something, but what you might be unaware of is that your tricky brain begins to release some dopamine as soon as you tell someone about your intentions. This reduces the amount of dopamine left to actually get there, making you less likely to continue after sharing. Yes, you need to build up dopamine, and when it runs low, your body must work gradually to replenish it.

Another thing to watch out for is sharing your dreams before you’re firmly on the path to achieving them; this inevitably allows others’ opinions to affect the shape of them. Or, in other words, by sharing your aims, you’re actually diffusing the manifestation process or draining your energy store, and it ends up being really hard sometimes to gather it all back up and regain the momentum!

The key is to avoid becoming fixated on the endpoint over the journey and remember the words of Lao Tzu, “Every journey begins with a single step.” Start with small changes like speaking to yourself in the here and now about your dreams. Say things like, “I am consciously eating nourishing food and moving my body in a way that gives me joy,” or, “I’m listening to my creative thoughts and I take pleasure in writing them down.”

What I am saying is… take your baby dreams off the tightrope and let them learn to walk before they run. Once you start on that journey and reframe your mental fitness to say, “I can do this,” everything else will fall into place. Your self-belief will grow, and things can snowball – in a very good way! Welcome to achieving those resolutions, you’ll be sitting there going like “WOW! It actually worked!”

Your life, your dreams are there for you, waiting; the important question is, do you know what they are? To understand which dreams serve your highest function and how to keep yourself Emotionally Trim to fuel them, keep an eye out for my upcoming blog, ‘Daydream with Intent, Live with Purpose.’

As always, I remain a cheerleader for your inner self-worth,

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