What is the single most important Organ in your body? I believe it’s the Fascia. Why? Well, first, I have an interesting thought experiment for you. If someone asked you, ‘Where are YOU, in your body?’ what would you say? The person who asked me the question said they felt that they were in their head. I then asked this question to two of my friends. One felt like they were also ‘around the eyes area’ in their head, and the other felt like they sat in the throat and trunk area of their body. 

It seems crazy that each of us might ‘feel’ like we belong in different parts of our body, right? 

Where do you feel you ‘live’ in your body?

What if I told you that I feel like I am everywhere in my body. 

Depending on how I’m feeling, what’s happening around me, and many other factors, I feel that my essence/spirit, or whatever you want to call it, moves throughout my body freely. And even a fair bit outside my body.

Having pondered this, I reckon part of what makes you feel like you are more ‘in’ a particular part of your physical body is linked to how open the channels in your body are. And by channels, I mean like in Chinese medicine. Your channels are what allow your Chi, lifeforce or essence to move and be felt throughout your body.

There are many ways in which your Chi can get blocked or released and move more freely around your entire body. To me, this is a fascination! We are like machines with an electrical current running through us. Just as energy is delivered to your house via the electrical grid or throughout your house through wires hidden in the walls, this Chi moves throughout your body. This is why I believe that the fascia is the single most important organ in your entire body.

Picture a house in need of some attention and care. You decide to rejuvenate it with a fresh coat of paint, a modern kitchen, shiny new appliances, and a renovated bathroom. The house now looks stunning from the outside, but when you try to bring it to life, nothing functions as expected. Why? The internal systems – the essential wiring – have been overlooked. 

Free-moving fascia in your body is like electricity flowing well in a house; it connects everything. When you’re in pain, you might engage in various bodywork or healing practices targeting the pain’s location. Yes, this probably does give temporary relief, but unless the fascia is freely moving and functional, the same issues may recur. 

When things become blocked in your body – whether through injury, a trauma response or everyday habits – this energy flow becomes restricted. This often shows up as stuck fascia, which has knock-on effects that limit your quality of life. 

By working to get your channels, your fascia, your body, open and moving again, your physical health improves. Additionally, your emotional and intuitive health also improve in leaps and bounds.

I find the link between fascial health and quality of life so interesting that I’ve written many, many blogs, and in fact, a whole program, Your Intuitive Life, on how these systems work together. Developing your connection to your body is like cleaning your glasses and seeing the world in full focus. Or for those with an even more stuck system, it’s like getting glasses in the first place!

There’s an old myth that you only use 10% of your brain. This statistic is, rather obviously, untrue. I do believe, though, that without opening your fascia, you are missing out on a huge percentage of what life has to offer. If you’re interested in learning how to listen to the signals and messages that your body is sending,  or if you’d like to learn more about the Your Intuitive Life program, feel free to leave a comment or send me an email.

As always, I remain a cheerleader for your inner self-worth,

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