Hello, everyone, and welcome to the latest episode of High Functioning Human Podcast, where you connect to yourself as a high functioning human. 

My name is Savannah Alalia, and if you’ve been following my social media at all, you’ll know I’m absolutely fascinated by Fascia. So today, I want to talk about what I think of as “Turning Back Time, The Fun Way”. 

You know how people often say, “back in my day,” to reminisce about the good old times? When people say that, I kind of think, oh, they’re kind of talking about it as if the best days of their life are behind them. And a lot of this seems to come from the idea that your best body is behind you and that you’re less capable than your younger self. 

And I, to be honest, I think that’s poppycock. In fact, I’m loving my forties more than any decade before this, and I want to break down this outdated idea of what it is to age and what it means to slow that ageing process down.

I believe that along with detox and other holistic practices like fascia release, you can unlock more vital, more vibrant and adventurous parts of yourself, at least literally any age. Think less bedraggled chicken and more majestic, powerful phoenix as you think about yourself in these ways. 

So why do we often think of ageing as a time of slowing down or feeling stuck? It could be as simple as your fascia getting stuck instead of moving the way it should. And this could be down to an injury. It could be down to trauma. And those traumas, I believe, are keeping you in old patterns. So, when your fascia moves properly, you’re more open to new experiences and new thoughts. And generally, it’s about flexibility, both physically and mentally.

It’s the opportunity to embrace the idea of staying fluid and adaptable at every single age. So, how can fascia release help you break free from these ageing stereotypes? Fascia release is about much more than physical wellbeing. It’s about a holistic approach that can reduce your entire being. 

And I speak about stuck places in your body. I normally call them Thought Knots. They’re places where physical and emotional traumas show up time and time again. And fascia release, alongside the emotional processing, is like the opportunity to shed the old pattern and welcome a new, more vibrant version of yourself into the mix. So imagine feeling as free-spirited as the phoenix, rising with the new energy in life.

Just remember that that journey takes time. You just have to show up for yourself. What I want to know and what I’m interested in is, are you ready to start your own journey of fashion release and basically embrace this opportunity to rejuvenate yourself? I am so excited to introduce my Face Symmetry renew program. It’s a fascia release course, but it’s more than just a course. It’s a transformative journey for your face. Together, we’ll unlock a youthful, dynamic you. I want you to rise from the ashes of your old beliefs about ageing and soar into the possibilities of what can be for your face and your body. 

So, remember, ageing, I actually think, can be a gift.

It’s an opportunity for continuous renewal and growth. And with fascia release, instead of turning back the clock, you’re stepping into the power of the Phoenix. Remember, age is just a number, and with the right approach, your best years, in my opinion, are always going to be ahead of you.

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I look forward to chatting with you next time on the High Functioning Human podcast. Take care and talk soon.

As always, I remain a cheerleader for your inner self-worth,

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