Today’s blog is all about body awareness. Often, when we talk about body awareness, it’s about what’s on the surface – your muscles and your senses. But today, I want to explore another layer of body awareness: how even your internal organs have their unique language, speaking to you in more ways than just the occasional belly rumble!

I’m obsessed with the idea that by learning to listen to your body and meeting its needs, whether that’s through proper nutrition, bodywork, or processing emotional or traumatic experiences, you can level up to what I like to call a ‘High Functioning Human’. This is where every part of you operates in harmony, leading to heightened intuition, improved health, and an overall sense of wellbeing.

What do I mean by ‘High Functioning Human’…? Have you seen the movie ‘Avatar’? Beyond the breathtaking colours and visuals, the characters in ‘Avatar’ form a deep, spiritual connection with their environment, communicating with each other and nature on an intuitive level. A key point in this ability is that although some are more intuitive than others, this connection can be learned and developed. 

This rings so true to me. I know through my own journey of healing and self-development that the connection to your intuition only gets stronger with time. When it comes to developing your intuition, the idea of a ‘gut feeling’ or ‘following your gut’ is a very common one. What about the ‘stomach sinking’ feeling when apprehensive or the flutter of ‘butterflies’ when you’re excited. These sensations are a pivotal part of your intuitive process.

There is actual science behind this. The word Neurosurgeon (brain surgeon) comes from the word Neuron. A neuron is the thinking cell in your brain. But guess what? Yes neurons exist in your brain, but they are also found in your gut, so it’s no wonder the gut is often referred to as your ‘Second Brain’.

Scientists call this little brain the enteric nervous system (ENS). Although it is anything but little! The ENS is like an extensive network of two thin layers of more than 100 million nerve cells. This huge network plays a crucial role in your gut instincts, influencing your decisions and emotions in subtle yet significant ways.

Even when you’re making progress on your self-awareness journey, it’s vital to recognise that your gut and other systems can be blocked by everyday toxins that build up over time. This build-up can make your internal guidance systems, your gut (the second brain) and your actual brain less responsive and intuitive. This is why cleansing is such an important part of your intuitive healing. It’s about more than just physical detoxification – it’s about clearing mental clutter, too.

Imagine getting in your car to go on a long journey. You know the way and you’re heading on the right road, but over time, your windshield becomes dirtier, eventually blocked to the point where you either have to stop completely or veer off course. Cleansing is like windshield wipers for your body, helping to shift and clear the way.

These systems, your fascia, your gut, your entire body, really, they all work in harmony so that when things are open/balanced/flowing freely, you can go beyond thinking with only your brain. You can get to a state where your entire being — body, mind, and spirit — participates in the process of thinking and being. This holistic functioning is the essence of becoming a High Functioning Human. 

If you’ve got any questions about the benefits of cleansing or how to get started, leave a comment below or take a look at the products page on my website for some of the bespoke cleansing options I’ve developed.

In my next blog, ‘What Is The Single Most Important Organ In The Body,’ I’ll talk to you about one of my all-time favourite topics, the fascia. And how a healthy and free-moving fascia can feel like you can finally speak the same language as your body.

As always, I remain a cheerleader for your inner self-worth,

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