Today’s interview was filmed at the end of last year and yet is sooo relevant for today.
Interview with Julia Wells of ‘Wait … WTF’ podcast.

She is fun, sassy, and uses pussy and pleasure as guides in business. Wait … WTF … I know, but she has some insightful, fun, and very joyful ways to make things in your business and life better! 🙂

You will learn about:
– How to use your pussy in your business.
– How to light up a man by getting what you most desire.
– Pleasure lenses.
– Safety and vulnerability.

It’s a juicy conversation.

Julia’s Podcast:

Further resources:

To order the book Pussy by Regina Thomashauer, click on the link below.
Pussy: A Reclamation

For more information about the seasons of your cycle and productivity in your business:

With love and pleasure, 🙂

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