Today’s Quick Query is from Leanne:

‘Hello, dear Savannah! I hope all is well with you!

Today I lost my job of over a decade and am pretty down in the dumps. Although I didn’t like my boss or really my job, I’m the main breadwinner. 

I’m focused on getting another position but am open to artistic pursuits as well, like my makeup artistry. Any thoughts, prayers, positive vibes or advice you can give me would certainly be welcomed.

Thanks, love! Leanne’


Lovely Leanne,

So wonderful to hear from you. Definitely sending you positive vibes always. My key suggestion is to choose to see this as an opportunity to check in with yourself. Take a moment and ask yourself how you feel in your life right now. Are you in a happy place and at a happy pace? Here are some steps to follow to find out:

     1. First of all, stop and breathe. Deep breaths. Now, take a day off. Really off – no watching TV or cleaning or scrolling social media, or doing anything. This may sound boring, but whenever you’re checking in with yourself, you deserve to take time to really listen to yourself. If you were checking in with a friend, you’d avoid distraction and give them your full attention, right? You’d turn the TV off, put your phone down, and really listen to them. At least, I hope you would – otherwise, we need to talk. So, take the day to sit with yourself in compassion, with your mind, with your feelings. YOU deserve your own undivided attention. If you’re unable to do a full day, give yourself 2-4 hours, minimum. This ‘redirecting’ opportunity could be THE game changer for you in your life.

     2. With a journal, just free write whatever comes to mind. Rather than ‘doing’ anything with what you write, other than reflecting back over it once you have finished, this is mainly a ‘brain dump’ to clear your mind. So there is no need for it to be perfect or even well written. Just do it and let your mind run wild. Do this for as long as it takes to ‘offload’. Surrender your inhibitions of ‘I am wasting my time doing this’ or ‘It won’t help me get anywhere’ or ‘I don’t have the luxury of sitting and writing’. Remember, you are worthy of the time it takes to do this, so be kind to yourself. 

     3. Once you’ve brain dumped (gosh, that sounds a bit rude!), settle in to that quiet place in yourself and let your intuition guide you as you ask yourself the following questions:

What would I like the next phase of my professional life to look like?

What would I love to be paid to do?

How much would I like to be paid? 

Who would I love to work with? 

Am I freelance? Or am I employed?

     4. Then, make a list of every person you know who you think you might reach out to and see if they know anyone who is looking for whatever it is you would like to do. And write a short 1 paragraph reaching out with something like this:

‘Hi, I hope this finds you well. I wanted to update you, I recently made some decisions about my career and I will be moving away from _____________________and focusing on ___________________. If you or anyone you know would be interested in my services/new venture, please feel free to pass on my details and have them reach out to me. Remind them to let me know who sent them so I can say THANK YOU! I am excited about my career move and open to new opportunities around it. I’d love to have a quick chat/catch up.’ 

Once you’ve followed these steps, be sure to keep me posted – drop a comment below or message me and let me know how it goes!!

It might seem unproductive initially, but once you gain clarity about what you’re aiming for and take steps towards it – even if they’re itty bitty steps! – you’re letting the Cosmos know you’re serious about this new venture. Keep taking those itty bitty steps and watch the magic unfold!

As always, I remain a cheerleader for your inner self-worth,

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  1. Hello Savannah,
    Great post today and such an divine message for me. Since we last came together at a Mastermind with Touchstone Essentials I have taken a J>O>B> in Northern Idaho to open a Recovery Wellness Spa in the Selkirk Mountains. It was an exciting project to embark on, however there have been some upper management changes that have highlighted some unfortunate limitations in the infrastructure, and talent that have led me to make the mutual decision to separate from this concept and company.
    I am at a BIG crossroad at this time, turning 65 in a month, looking forward to receiving a new bionic hip and choosing to go ALL IN like never before and build an e-commerce business. Most of the last 20 years I have been helping people not only reconnect with their body, I have been educating clients about pain and how it shows up as we age. I have recently watched your 4-part series on IG and am encouraged that I will be able to bridge this transition time with new knowledge and information at the Mastermind in Lake Las Vegas.
    I am hoping to gleen a new insight and enthusiasm to build a business for ME and the individuals that will connect with my story and recommendations and solutions to their concerns. You have been so encouraging in our interactions in the past and look forward to connecting with you in a more specific way.
    Safe travels, see you later this week.

    1. Sabrina,
      What a journey you have been on!
      YOU inspire me! With your ever passionate approach to life! I know you will be achieving whatever you put your mind, heart and self behind! Cheering you on all the way and looking forward to seeing you soon!

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