When I was a kid I was very insecure, I was aware I didn’t fit in….the approaches I would take or the ideas I had were very different to that of most of the people I was around.

At the age of 7 my mum taught me a very simple type of meditation. I started to use to try and figure out what to do next in any situation I found myself stuck in.

I noticed that often the best way to sort things out was to listen to a quiet voice inside me and take action. From action would come clarity and also the knowing….of ‘oh ok I did know what I needed to do’.

At first it came off like I was wise and had a lot of answers…and I did for me but not for others…

I never wanted to be a ‘sage on stage’ who had all the answers for everyone…I don’t.

But what I do have are some great tools that allow you to use your intuition in very practical ways. I consider myself more like a guide on the side.

With that said…here is a mini video for you to go into your intuition and encourage you to pause for internal answers rather than having so much focus on external answers.

I look forward to hearing how you got on in the comments 🙂

Cheering you on 🙂

P.S. Coming soon will be more Practical Tools for you – if you want to be the first to know about those join the wait list here. 

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    Joannah Phillips
    Posted at 17:13h, 24 March Reply

    Thanks beautiful for the video. Much appreciated. Hope you are well. Hugs and love Joannah

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      Posted at 21:51h, 26 March Reply

      So happy it provided some value. That’s what its all about 🙂
      I am well thank you beautiful lady – I hope you are too 🙂 Big hugs and love 🙂

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