Today, I have a bit of a reveal about myself …

We are each born, live life, and pretty quickly we start to realise the things that we struggle with. I’ve had my fair share: the death of a partner, a megalomaniac narcissist as a boss, and bankruptcy (just to name a few). I am sure you have had yours, too.

I want to share a story I rarely tell about why I now do what I do – guiding others on how to lead from their intuition. It is now my purpose, but it started as a struggle. Struggle can be such a gift when you learn how to mine it; the death of a partner, for example, can become the reminder to always value the people you love.

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I would love to hear from you – what has been a struggle in your life that is now more about your purpose?

Please tell me about it in the comments on the blog 🙂

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