It seems to be natural for humans to always be working towards self-improvement. Walk into any major bookstore, and you’ll see countless books telling you how to improve everything from your health, wealth and wellbeing to your career, looks, and sex life.

Same goes for online courses – there are so many courses out there claiming to teach anything you could ever want to learn. But something occurred to me the other day — you can do all the programs, take all the courses, and put in all the work, but you can still feel like you’re going nowhere. Like you are still missing something. Like IT has yet to happen for you.

I bet you already give your all to whatever you do — and I love you for that! But sometimes you work so hard you have nothing left. You give so much you have no more to give.

Some people will tell you to stretch further — but what if there is nothing left to stretch?

I would tell you SLOW DOWN … because the slower you go, the deeper you get. The deeper you get, the more you are connected to your intuition, and being connected to your intuition is the place to move from. Then you just keep moving, and keep moving, and — you guessed it — you keep moving. Then there is an inevitability to you finding your IT.

IT lies in going deeper, rather than further, going deeper with what you’re already doing rather than pushing yourself to do something else. Listen to how far you can go instead of listening to what you’ve been told. You need to be able to hear yourself.

It’s about the long game: going deeper first allows you to go longer and further, whereas trying to go quickly to your destination means you have no momentum, no foundation, and are unable to sustain it. That IT is about the marathon rather than the sprint. And because you know it’s a marathon, make it fun! You’re gonna be here for a while, so you may as well enjoy yourself! This applies to your diet, your lifestyle, your job, your relationship — anything worth having.

If you rush yourself trying to achieve and do all of the things, you neglect to give yourself time to settle in. Feel the benefits and explore the knowledge you’re working towards. Otherwise, what’s the point? It’s just all hard work and no pleasure, no play. It’s like buying books on a subject you want to learn about, but instead of reading the books you have, you rush out and buy more. You end up with a lot of books but very little applied knowledge.

So – which will you choose? A fun-filled marathon or a shelf full of dusty, unread books? Comment below and tell me what you’re doing deeper into.

Well, ok, as we’re speaking about programs: I have a program coming up soon called Your Intuitive Life. Unlike some of those other programs that promise to fix this or that, YIL is designed to give you a strong foundation and connection to your intuition – which is really your superpower. And once you’ve connected to your intuition, there is no need to look outside yourself for answers. You can achieve absolutely anything and live a life beyond your wildest dreams with the tools you have inside you – you’ve just gotta do a little digging to find them.

And, as you know, I’m always speaking about the importance of pace, so this course is spread over three months, giving you the time you deserve to really explore. And we’ll have a whole lotta fun doing it.

I remain a cheerleader for your inner self-worth – you got this.

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