Only apply if you’re passionately committed to connecting to your own power in order to change your life. You must be ready (and willing) to approach all challenges with a focus on pleasure, whilst holding true to your personal mission in the world and staying in kind and consistent action.

Who is the 3 Month Coaching program for?

Past participants have included therapists, entrepreneurs, speakers, artists, musicians, creatives, writers and bankers. If you are ready to truly thrive, to lead from your intuition and play from a place of pleasure while creating a business and lifestyle you love, this program is for you.

What can I expect from the coaching program?

Savannah is masterful at supporting you to see, feel, and find your feet on your own path. She will work with you to move through your self-limiting beliefs in order to stop doing shit that no longer serves you, and will help you find the traction you need to start living joyfully at your own authentic pace.

You will unlock rock-solid confidence in your choices and become your own damn guru – no fancy ceremonial robes or trips to mystical foreign lands required.

- You will learn to deal with even the most challenging situations with grace and strength like the badass boss you are.

- Together, you will create a personalized roadmap with specific actionable steps to achieve the goals you most desire. Savannah will also provide the accountability to get it done and the encouragement to have fun and stay in a pleasure-based mindset.

- You will learn to access your intuition when making business decisions or dealing with colleagues or clients. Think of it like tapping into your own magic superpowers.

- Savannah offers a feeling of space, flow, magic and vibrancy, while helping you learn to run your business and life with heart, a win/win/win mentality, and solutions that care for everyone long-term.

- Bottom line: No matter what the situation, no matter what you’re feeling, no matter what thoughts are in your head, you are going to be able to connect to your best self and act from a place of pure empowerment.

Is this the right time for me to start?


What’s expected of me?

- You will show up fully committed, open and free from distractions to every session. This is your time, so leave the drama and bullshit behind you, and enjoy the chance to fully focus on yourself and your own growth.

- Even when it makes your heart pound, you’re not going to stop implementing the actionable steps necessary to achieve what you want; take a deep breath and keep going - the rewards are worth it.

- Savannah will customize a set of exercises designed to clear your thoughts and generate a profound connection to your body. These practices produce tremendous shifts in how you operate in the world. You agree to implement this part of the work consistently during your 3-month training.


When will this program be offered again?

The next 3-month program starts up April 2020. Due to Savannah’s busy schedule, she can only accept four people to work with during each 3-month session. The demand for this program is high and often goes to a waitlist, so it’s best to apply now.

Is this individual or group coaching?

This is one-on-one coaching – just you and Savannah working together, tackling what matters most.

How long is each session and where do calls take place?

You and Savannah will meet on Zoom for an hour at a time. No traveling necessary.

Is there anything I need to prepare?

Your completed coaching application is all you need for the first session.

How much does admission cost?

This is a personalized coaching program for people who are passionate and committed to professionalism, pleasure, and expansion in every area of their lives. Upon completion of your application, Julia ( will reach out with pricing info and answer any further questions you may have.

Does Savannah still offer one-off coaching sessions?

Savannah has found that the benefits of sustained coaching over a 3-month period far exceed the results of one-off sessions. As a result, she rarely offers one-off sessions, but feel free to ask. There’s no harm in asking.

Can I do more than three months?

Yes. Most people choose to continue coaching for multiple 3-month sessions.

Scheduling. How often do I talk with Savannah?

Every two weeks you are going to be offered a choice of times. If you can’t make one of the times offered, just let Julia( know. We will find a time that works.
You are going to have a total of 6 sessions over the 3-month period – one session every two weeks.

Savannah’s coaching has been truly empowering for me, resulting in positive change and a wider, brighter perspective on my life, my family and my work. I recommend her truly holistic approach in which the alchemy of her wisdom, intuition and empathy allow a wonderfully creative and transformative journey together.
Deborah O’Shea

Savannah is a fabulously intuitive coach and has given me the confidence to create a truly authentic message for my business. She has encouraged and supported me whenever I wavered and my business has become increasingly successful, thanks to her ability and insight.
Toria Britten

Savannah turned up in my life just when I needed it – mentors turn up like that. She showed me the ropes in a very difficult situation, and she did so in a very organic and compassionate way. She has been a voice instilling an understanding and belief that if someone else has been down a similar road and made it, then I could too. She was right. Thank you, Savannah, for all your support.
Kamala Mann

Savannah has been an amazing coach for me in my business. Savannah has shown me how to put my big visions into clear, actionable steps.
I recommend her work to anyone who wants to uplevel in their life and in their business. Jump on this amazing journey with this amazing woman.
Suzanne Astar, USA