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This scrumptious little book is full of tasty and healthy treats to keep your body feeling fresh and zesty!

Looking for something healthy that will make your taste buds do a happy dance for joy? Look no further, my lovely wildlings. Welcome to HumanFood 101.

This collection of sumptuous recipes is for honouring and caring for your body inside and a little bit on the outside, too.

HumanFood 101 is here to support you in taking considered and consistent action to create your forever lifestyle, rather than a one-time event! You get to build your lifestyle over time and get a big payout each day as you add to your vitality.

Full of simple and delicious recipes as well as tips and tricks for living your most fabulous healthy lifestyle, HumanFood 101 will rock your socks off and fill your belly!

I am Savannah Alalia

Through my programs and writing, I help others reconnect to their inner knowing, tap into their self-worth, and create the life they desire. Intuition is your inner-tuition, your inner teacher, or knowing. It’s that voice that will always guide you well if you take the time to listen to it. As a food enthusiast, I know that a healthy body is the foundation for a healthy life, and that starts with what you put into it – so you better believe I’m gonna make it tasty!
Savannah sees straight to the core of an issue and supports you to redress the balance in your life, body and soul !

Juliet F

6 reasons you need Humanfood 101 in your life, like now:

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need any special equipment to make the recipes?

Just the basics! Pans, pots, and a blender. Which you probably have in your kitchen (and if you lack a blender, seriously, how do you live without making hummus?).

Is it for carnivores, vegans, vegetarians, skateboarders, and hipsters?

Most of the recipes are plant-based, with a few recipes containing egg, and they’re all gluten-free. Suitable for most diets and any human who wants to feel good.

Are the recipes hard to make?

Heck no! Tasty, good for you, and easy to make, all the way!

Are the ingredients hard to find?

Unless you live in a van in the middle of the Sahara (interesting choice of domicile, no judgment here, though), you should be able to get the ingredients at a local health food shop.

I’ve always had a pretty lousy diet and, to be honest, I’ve always thought healthy food was boring. But every time I flip through HumanFood 101, I find my mouth watering and my tummy demanding I stop whatever I’m doing and cook one of the recipes. So much tasty goodness awaits you in these pages! Major noms!


Writing Consultant

Wow – this book is amazing – perfect, really. Great title – and love the line on the back too. And the writing style is fabulous. You've done such a great job. Huge congratulations - well done!

Tim Freke

New York Times Bestselling Author

I can safely say that as a die-hard non-foodie, Human Food 101 has made me see the light!! I am converted! Scrumptiousness on every page! With an absolute wealth of variety of new and exciting ingredient combinations to try it is almost impossible not to drool over the pages!


HR Manager and Busy Mum

Food plays a vital role in my life as an actor. Finding recipes that are accomplishable within my lively schedule, that provide the vital nutrition I need and satisfy my happy hunger has been a continuous struggle … until now. HumanFood 101 provides me with comfort in every flick of the page that I can now make food that is appealing, tasty and fulfilling.

Winnie Atkinson Harris


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