Welcome to 20 minutes of bliss.

20-Minute Meditation

This practice will stimulate, nourish and rebalance you, in only 20 minutes a day!

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Hello, my name is Savannah Alalia

…and I used to feel overwhelmed, tired, tensed up and stressed out.

Does this sound familiar?

Then I discovered a practice that changed my life: meditation. I have been meditating daily for over 20 years now. That’s a lot of time spent on the floor with my eyes closed, and it’s been worth every second.

Now I feel energised, excited by life, and ready for anything! (Well, almost anything. I’d rather avoid wrestling lions or running naked through London.)

I’m so excited to welcome you to this 20-minute daily meditation practice where you will be stimulating what I like to call your Happy Hormones! Just 20 minutes a day to help you feel amazing, tuned in and switched on, all day long!

Wanna get science-y? Here you go: this 20-minute practice will stimulate, nourish and rebalance your vagus nerve. This is the longest nerve in your body that runs along your spine from the base of your brain. By stimulating your vagus nerve, you will flood your brain with oxytocin, serotonin and dopamine – these are the Happy Hormones! Awesome, right?

By doing this practice every day, you’ll be connecting to your most amazing self and feeling a whole load of benefits. Read on to learn more…

By practicing this meditation once a day, you will ...


Feel energised

This practice gives you a burst of energy – like coffee without the caffeine crash!


Gain clarity

A daily meditation practice helps still the mind and allows you to focus.


Look younger

Stress causes wrinkles, and meditation is cheaper and better for you than Botox!


Be able to leap tall buildings!

That might be a *slight* exaggeration but a relaxed body is a healthy, strong body.


Find peace

A daily meditation practice brings a feeling of calm and inner peace.


Feel good vibes

Meditation fills you with happy hormones – woo hoo! Let the good times roll!

Being totally honest here: when I first started meditating, it took me a while to get into it. But, once I started, I wanted to do it for longer than 5 minutes. This is why I’ve made the 20-minute version of my breathing meditation for you!

‘Hang on a sec,’ you might ask, ‘why would I pay for the 20-minute version when I can do the 5-minute version for free?’ And to that, I say, sure, you can do the 5-minute one and use the extra cash to go get a latte. Entirely up to you! But for those of you who want to take their practice to the next level, I created the 20-minute version to take you deeper and be stronger in the present and in your body.

Much more satisfying than a latte and no caffeine crash. The choice is yours, of course. 

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What other fans of the 20-minute meditation say...

No need to take my word for it … here are some rave reviews!

‘I felt super energised – fresh and ready to tackle anything after just 20 minutes. I can hardly believe it was so short.’
‘I didn’t think I could find 20 minutes, but I am so thrilled I did. It was like a reset button.’
‘I found the breathing meditation intense and incredibly stimulating. It’s now part of my daily routine.’

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a yoga bunny to do meditation?

No! Anyone of any fitness level can do meditation – no previous experience required! And you can meditate lying down if you prefer, so no worries about needing to sit in lotus position. 

Is meditation a religious thing?

While some religions – like Buddhists – use meditation as part of their practice, this is a simple breathing meditation people from all walks of life can do. No chanting ‘Hare Krishna here (unless you want to, obvs). 

Can I meditate if I'm pregnant?

Of course! However, if you have any doubts, consult your healthcare practitioner. 

How long until I see results?

You’ll start feeling the benefits right away! And as you continue to do your meditation practice every day, the benefits will grow! Yay!

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