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The option to work 1-2-1 with me here will only be available during 2015.

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Savannah Fun Facts

Yes that is the colour of her hair naturally, nothing added.

Her Birthday is June 14th and she celebrates it for the whole month.

She has a love of nature and as a child would fall asleep in the flower beds in her back garden most days 🙂

Food Orgasms & dance sessions are a daily occurrence 🙂


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Savannah Alalia is the Founder and Creator of Habits Academy, International Speaker and Habit Strategist sharing sparkling* habits for health, wealth & love at www.SavannahAlalia.com –  To Remind You – Now is Your Time To Shine !!

With over 2 decades of hands on experience and success in her field, Savannah travels the world sharing sparkling* habits.

You can connect with Savannah on – Instagram and enjoy a Twitter