Do you want to learn how to achieve a balanced, radiant face without invasive procedures?
Introducing Face Symmetry – a chance to transform your face using fascia release. This unique, holistic approach works on the connections between your face and body to provide tension relief and help reverse the internal and external signs of aging. This 7-day journey is designed to promote natural beauty and overall wellbeing. Start your transformation today and experience the difference a balanced face can make in your life!

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  • [Face Symmetry] beginner program is a 7-day comprehensive program to help 
  • Combining meditative reflection, gentle cleansing, and fascia release, [WRK] rejuvenates both your mind and body.
  • Access to online platform, digital resources, community and dedicated support team
  • HumanFood 101 digital copy, including suggested recipes selected to nourish and energize you throughout the Retreat
  • [WRK] is fully planned out, allowing you to focus on your transformation without the stress of preparation.
  • At just $47, [Face Symmetry] offers a high-value experience that fits into any schedule and budget.

Join me in [WRK], and take a step to a more balanced and joy-filled life.


Are you feeling swamped by the never-ending stream of wellness advice, unsure of where to start? I completely understand. That’s exactly why I created [WRK]. 

In this carefully curated 2.5-day journey, I share over 30 years of wisdom to guide you in building resilience and reclaiming control. You’ll discover practices that alleviate stress and empower you to make meaningful changes in your life.

If you find yourself stuck in decision paralysis or feel as though life is just happening to you, [WRK] is the change agent you need.

It’s much more than a mini-retreat; it’s a comprehensive toolkit designed to guide you in managing stress and evolving into a High Functioning Human. 


I have done all cleanses recommended and supported by Savannah...liver, kidney & colon… My body, mind & soul felt happier & healthier for it. Taking responsibility for my health has been the best decision ever!
Venessa Guiry
I'll save showing you the photos of the results, but needless to say, it was a great success! I am amazed by what came out of me whilst doing this cleanse! I am surprised and delighted by how magnificent I feel! Everyone should try this!
Min Forsey
Thank you, Savannah, for this clear and simple-to-follow cleansing protocol; it was perfect for me. It gave me the opportunity to reset and clean my digestive system and it was great to know I could reach out for guidance throughout the process. On completion, I felt lighter physically and emotionally, and had more energy. My skin and eyes looked clear and bright. I plan to do this once or twice a year going forward!
Deborah O'Shea

Hi, I’m Savannah Alalia, and I’ve been helping people connect to themselves as what I like to call High Functioning Humans for over 25 years.