In Today’s Quick Query I am talking about feeling Authentic on Social Media.
A great friend of mine said something to me recently that really stuck with me.
Today we have a special episode for you.
Savannah, Got to say I really enjoy your site and the advice you share in your videos. So Thank you for that. I’m currently in full time employment in the city. I really love what I do but I long to branch out on my own and become my own boss. I have to be honest here though and say – I’m scared on so many levels. Mainly, I’m scared about being able to stay motivated. I of course love to feel motivated but usually it takes me ages to get inspired, I have to run with it when it comes but I feel nervous that it is not something I can sustain myself. So I’d like to ask for a few pointers on how to stay motivated when you work for yourself. Thank you in advance, Kate, from the City.
There is something that catches your attention when you see someone walking towards you with a metal leg. It’s an unspoken tale of challenge and woe. And, instantly, you think….how did that happen?
Family are amazing aren’t they ? I had a chat with my Dad today, who was just back from a his first trip to Africa, needless to say he LOVED it and then I had a few email exchanges with my Mum and next week I will have the joy of seeing one my Brothers for a few days too.
It’s coming up to Easter and you’ve decided to get away for a week of winter sunshine after a grey cold wet few months. You’ve just landed. Its sunny and wonderful. You get your hire car and you head for where you are staying…but first you need to make an unexpected stop….because your man has a meeting.
Its been a while. A very busy while for you too I think. 2015 feels like a hive of new projects and new life to old projects.
This last year has blown my mind….travelling the world learning from some of the greats in person as well as speaking at my first US conference then spending the Summer months in Spain and going into the autumn launching Meditate Your Mind and selling out and needing a waiting list. This whole year has been a humbling and amazing experience and I’d like to Thank you all of you who joined me on the maiden voyage of MYM, everyone of you who sent me an emails, who were there at each step of this year and those of you cheering me on….Wow – I have loved sharing every second with you !!
Following his TED talk, I wanted to take you deeper into the wonderfilled world of Yaron Engler and what is is to express yourself….