When I was a kid I was very insecure, I was aware I didn’t fit in….the approaches I would take or the ideas I had were very different to that of most of the people I was around.
You know that feeling of too many things in your diary…too many things on your to do list? Today I want to chat with you about structure and vulnerability.
Today’s episode is all about the journey to happiness and paths you can take.
Inside you, inside us all is a guru…if you don’t believe me, you need to start by watching this video.
Have you ever wondered how to keep the conversation interesting – well Charlotte did and here is what she wrote: Today’s Quick Query from Charlotte.
What is Beautiful ? What does Beautiful mean ?
Sparkling* is not about smiling all the time.
I’m always excited to learn a new word, honestly, mainly in this case my excitement was due to the fact I thought this new word might have something to do with food…but it’s not food… BONUS is it can be used with food…
Lots of people I talked to were so happy to wave Goodbye to 2016. With the idea that 2017 would be full of unicorns and fairytales. And perhaps 2017 will be.