Today’s episode is all about the journey to happiness and paths you can take.
Inside you, inside us all is a guru…if you don’t believe me, you need to start by watching this video.
Have you ever wondered how to keep the conversation interesting – well Charlotte did and here is what she wrote: Today’s Quick Query from Charlotte.
What is Beautiful ? What does Beautiful mean ?
Sparkling* is not about smiling all the time.
I’m always excited to learn a new word, honestly, mainly in this case my excitement was due to the fact I thought this new word might have something to do with food…but it’s not food… BONUS is it can be used with food…
Lots of people I talked to were so happy to wave Goodbye to 2016. With the idea that 2017 would be full of unicorns and fairytales. And perhaps 2017 will be.
In Today’s Quick Query I am talking about feeling Authentic on Social Media.
A great friend of mine said something to me recently that really stuck with me.
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