[Ponder This] Are You Blocking Your Luck ?


Have you ever been a headless chicken, rushing like crazy to get ready but just really chasing your tail and forgetting things and getting nowhere or have you moved into the head space of  “I’m waiting for when….” the sky turns green or I’m a size 0 again….or whatever it is.

As you have likely figured out by now neither of these approaches work.

I learnt this one the hard way and having spent a long time and heartache searching for the elusive Lady Luck.

I had to go bankrupt, loose a partner, work silly 18 hour day often 7 days a week for years to figure out what I was doing was not working and in fact it was blocking my introduction to Lady Luck.

Then I changed something and one day not that long after she appeared.

What did I change ?

Well it seems a few million others figured it out before me…I was little slow on the up take – but I got there in the end 🙂

Roman Philosopher Seneca put it best when he said :

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Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity – Seneca http://bit.ly/1FKiLvs

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Now my favourite thing to do is introduce you to Lady Luck 😀

I facilitate a space here on SavannahAlalia.com, for you to safely share with me, I open that space further in our Habits Academy Programmes you get to go deeper as you meaningful connect to your mind and body in a journey with tribe of people living in their unique Genius or Sparkle* too.

Right now though are you prepared to meet opportunity ?

Let’s introduce you to Lady Luck :

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Lady Luck lives in a combination of structure and space….come meet her. http://bit.ly/1FKiLvs.

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In the comments below answer these 3 questions….


1. Define Your Goal

What is your goal ? When would you like to achieve it by ? Pick a date.

Possible goals :

ready to cleanse,

ready to decide something,

ready to receive people into your home for an event gathering,

ready to start a project,

ready to…..fill in the blank.


2. Define Your Team

Who do you need around you to make it happen ?

Friends, Family, business associates get specific. It is ALWAYS through others we find success as any success is a collaboration of some form. So know who your team are and make the space to explore their ideas and feedback on the Goal.


3. First Work Backwards & Then Take Action Forward

Look at your date for your goal. With a mentor or coach work backwards look at what needs to be done and by when and write it into your diary. Is the date realistic does it work or do you need more of a team to make it work by a particular date ?

SPARKLING* HABIT HINT : This equation allows for LIFE and for creativity.
Take the time you think a task or goal will take and then a double it and add a third.  An example would be say the task I have I know will take 1 hour.
1 hour doubled is 2 hours then add 20 mins = so in total I need 2 hours 20 mins.

The FINAL LUCK CHARM is make yourself accountable for completing the task. I invite you to do that here NOW in the comments below or with your coach or an accountability buddy.

I’m excited to hear from you,

Talk soon


PS Remember Meditate Your Mind is on its way :D Get ready to join the FREE TRAINING 😀

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