[spahrkuh l]


to be brilliant, lively, or vivacious.

As a company, sparkling* is a code we live by. šŸ˜€

We love living life, feeling free and inspired (from the inside out) and that is what we shareĀ out into the world through

Our team is virtual and truly global spanning the UK, Europe, the US, South America andĀ Asia.

We each live by our unique interpretation of the principle we share here….

Sparkling* Habits

honorĀ your inner pendulum,

keep your mind bright

your body gleaming

your heart glowing from the inside out

& you share your own particularĀ flavorĀ of genius out into the world with a huge smile onĀ your face.

A few of our Philosophies

We believe you are already in possession of the happiness you seek. All you need to do isĀ learn how to switch it on in your body and mind….is it natural and does it really work is theĀ guiding sentence that Savannah has used over the last 20 + years to seek outĀ sparkling* habits that can be applied in the modern world and give us access to ourĀ authentic happy and incandescent inner & outer self.

Knowing Yourself & Give everything the time it deserves.

This applies to people and tasks. There is a natural rhythm for each task we undertake orĀ each conversation we begin. Everything has value, as everyone is also valued. The thingĀ that is of the most value to you is knowing your pace and living by that pace. So you canĀ give each situation the time it deserves.

Leadership through Kindness & Connection.

Kindness realĀ kindness is under rated. Finding a way to be authentically caring in aĀ situation is gold for you and the other person too.

True kindness, like true Leadership, begins with ourselves, before it can go anywhere else.

Our feelings act as a pendulum for us and those around us….and by finding the kindnessĀ setting for yourself it can have a transformative effect on both you and others.

Being kind may mean that you care enough to be kind when someone is in pain or that you are kind enough to take yourself out of the situation.

Connect to yourself then you can authentically connect to the world.
This connecting to yourself, finding your own pendulum through sparkling* habits, is theĀ core of all the programmes in Habits Academy. Be it the animal aspect of your body, yourĀ intuition or instinct or your clear strong powerful and beautiful mind.

The most important things in life are not things.
True, deep, meaningful connection in our world is something we all desire.

Connection is also something many of us struggle with especially when the best relationship many of us have these days is with our electrical devices…..

I saw a message the other day on Instagram that made me laugh because its so true of our society at the moment.

Are you & your phone going to stare at each other any where nice this weekend ?

Its funny. Its a little disturbing & Its true.

The thing is your phone or any other device are a tool. So how can you leverage your digital tools to serve you and through sparkling* habits honour & authentically connect with the most important ‘things’ in life – People. People you care about and building relationships with people you care about.

We are all on this world together right now – authentic and honouring connection is a gift we all have to offer.

Philanthropic Pursuits

The Journey is the biggest part of all of our lives – at we like to tred joyfully, authentically connect and be abundant.

We believe in supporting opportunities for all beings (humans and wildlife) to thrive in this world. We like to thinking of it as an investment in Social Change. We are involved in several charities and we, as a company, are built in such a way that when you invest in yourself through our training products and programs, we will give a percentage of your investment to these charities. So youā€™re also investing in helping make the world a better place.

Win-Win all round thats how we like it šŸ˜€

How can you get in touch with us ?

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